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The distinctiveness of the Thinkwise Low-Code platform explained.

Low-Code for your company

The low-code market has been growing enormously in recent years. Forrester, an independent market research company, has now listed more than 200 low-code vendors. However, many of these solutions are intended for building small apps and peripheral applications and are therefore not suitable for large and complex projects. Nevertheless, there are great opportunities here for companies to modernize their IT landscape and accelerate their digital transformation.

In this webinar Frank Glazenburg, CCO and Thinkwise Expert will explain the unique features of the Thinkwise platform. Get answers to the questions; What is the domain of Thinkwise? Why is Thinkwise different compared to other low-code platforms? And what do companies use the Thinkwise platform for?

In this webinar you will get:

    • Insight into the capabilities of low-code for core systems;
    • A short demonstration of the platform;
    • Explanation of various use cases.

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