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A glimpse under the hood of the low-code platform for enterprise applications.

Experience the Thinkwise Platform

During our acclaimed Platform Experiences we'll give you a step-by-step demonstration of how an application is modeled with the Thinkwise Low-Code Platform. We will cover the complete realization process; from drafting requirements and design specifications to automatic testing and making changes after going live.

This plenary meeting also offers the opportunity to discuss this new generation of business software with industry specialists.

Please note: The Platform Experience will be presented in Dutch. English sessions can be organized on request.

During the Platform Experience:

    • Meet Thinkwise
    • Thinkwise is the world's only supplier of a low-code software platform aimed at realizing  extensive and complex business software.
    • Demo low-code for enterprise software
    • Live demonstration of the Thinkwise platform including the complete modeling process.
    • We are happy to answer all your questions.
    • We'd like to fully support your IT strategy. During this experience, there is plenty of time to ask questions.

You don't want to miss this opportunity to find out what low-code has to offer for your company!

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"With Thinkwise we can renew the entire ERP system and have no concerns about the future."

Marleen Haarman, Proces Analyst, Niverplast

Online program

  • 09:00 - Introduction Thinkwise

  • 09:30 - Coffee break / Q&A

  • 09:40 - Demonstration sample application

  • 10:10 - Coffee break / Q&A

  • 10:20 - Demonstration Thinkwise Platform

    • Thinkwise Overview & Architecture
      • Business Proces Modelling
      • Work Management
      • Business modelling & management
  • 11:10 - Coffee break / Q&A

  • 11:20 - Demonstration Thinkwise Platform

    • Functional Modelling
      • Datamodel
      • Graphical User Interface
      • Process flows
      • Business intelligence

    • Programming & test
      • AOP
      • Programming
      • (Unit) Test

  • 12:00 - Q&A


Rimko Meijer
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