Rapidly innovate
your software-solution.

And offer your clients software based on the most recent technologies, supplied with a modern GUI.

As an Independent software vendor, you want to offer your clients a modern solution. Not just today, but at all times. You can do this with Thinkwise!

A strategic partnership with Thinkwise will allow you to modernize your software very fast after which you will be able to focus entirely on functional development and expansion of the application.

Thanks to the model-driven approach, the application can be expanded in a flexible and controlled way. In addition, the productivity of developers will be increased by a factor 10 at least, in comparison with traditional software-development.

This will keep your solution up-to-date, you will connect new clients even faster and keep your current clients satisfied!

    • Modernize and innovate your solution
    • Automatically available on the latest technologies
    • At least 10 times faster development

    • Licensing costs independent of the number of users

Yes, as a supplier of software I would like to know more about modernizing my solution:

“Thanks to Thinkwise we never again need to dispose of software."

Iepe Soet, Adviesgroepmanager GBI, Antea Group

Case from the Sector


Read about the experience of Antea Group, that supplies local authority administration systems (GBI) to more than one hundred Dutch local authorities.

Read the case

A bird's-eye view of the Thinkwise Platform.
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