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On-site: Thinkwise HQ, Ovenbouwershoek 9, Apeldoorn.

Livestream: Teams Live Event

For those attending on-site we can provide something to eat after the session. Please let us know your preference when signing up!

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Pro-active core applications - Collaboration & Communication
Typically an ERP is meant to support a Business by storing data and supporting end-to-end business processes in an integrated system. This is a broad definition and the degree to which the ERP is supporting the business processes varies and is interpreted differently by each end user.
One way to support the business processes is to automate them as much as possible. However, oftentimes human involvement is necessary, be it for data entry, validation, approval, planning or decision-making. By applying multiple Collaboration & Communication features in your Thinkwise application, users are informed about pending work pro-actively.
During this Knowledge Session Arie Versluis will share how Wagenborg implemented various features to pro-actively inform End Users. Examples include Badges, Start objects, Push notifications and Teams notifications. In addition, he will share how Application Administrators are pro-actively informed about technical errors in dashboard, e-mail alerts and Teams messages based on Indicium errors and other logging to provide pro-active support to End Users.

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