How do you replace core legacy software
with an enterprise low-code platform?

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Is your organization looking for a way to permanently rid itself of legacy software? This white paper will inform you about potential solutions and the role a low-code platform can play in this.

Legacy software is a major cause of stagnating innovation in companies. Unfortunately, replacing outdated software is a complex, costly and time-consuming process.

Today, more and more organizations are using low-code as a solution to this problem. In this white paper you will find out exactly how your organization can rid itself of legacy by using a low-code platform.


    • Exactly what forms of legacy software are there?
    • Traditional methods for legacy modernization
    • Definitively rid yourself of legacy with the Thinkwise enterprise low-code platform

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'How do you replace core legacy software with an enterprise low-code platform?'

“Our motto, strength through collaboration, certainly also applies to our strategic software partner Thinkwise.

Thanks to our successful collaboration, we can continue to innovate successfully in the future as well.” Paul Stoop - ICT Project Manager ERP, VDL Netherlands

Reference case VDL


Read about the experience of industrial family company VDL regarding the modernization and expansion of their ERP software with the solution of Thinkwise.

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