Masterclass API Management


Modern day application landscapes feature a multitude of applications and services from different vendors. In order to remain flexible, they need to work together.

In this technical masterclass, lead software engineer Vincent Doppenberg will share his vision and expertise on API management and demonstrate how Thinkwise offers various solutions for integrating application landscapes through its Application Tier.

In this on-demand webinar, we will guide you through:

    • Role of the Application Tier: What is the role of the Application Tier within the Thinkwise Platform as a whole?
    • Full application API: How the Application Tier offers APIs for the full feature set of your Thinkwise application.
    • Thinkwise platform Agent: What do we mean when we call the Application Tier the agent of the Thinkwise platform?
    • Integration hub: Why the Application Tier is perfectly positioned to be the Integration Hub of the platform.
    • Demos: Native APIs, Custom APIs, Azure Service Bus & System flows.

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