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Modernize RPG with Thinkwise

The legacy RPG programming language has its origins in the 1960s. These applications are often characterized as “black-green” screens systems. In other words, the look-and-feel is not of this time anymore. And that makes perfect sense, because many RPG applications were build in the eighties and nineties when graphical user interface were all character based and Windows did not exist.


The Thinkwise Platform will be the driving force behind your digital transformation.

Decisions to replace an RPG application are difficult, but when choices of technology become less significant, the step toward a new application gets a lot easier. The Thinkwise platform takes away the technology concern and offers several scenarios for replacing RPG applications.

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During this webinar you will learn more about:

The differences between RPG and Thinkwise.
The Upcycle process.
Modernization of RPG and potential next steps.

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"Without Thinkwise it would be impossible to build a completely new software solution for our customers within one year. [...] They give us a lot of personal attention and provide us with all the support we need."

"Thinkwise provides us with the means to develop the most perfect ERP software. [...] We can now develop many times faster and at significantly lower costs than before. This gives both Acto and our customers a competitive advantage.”

"The platform appealed to both our end users as well as our developers. In addition, the speed of software development is extremely high, and the platform is continuously being improved with new functionality and technology.”

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