How to Handle Massive Amounts of Mission-Critical Data: Data Modeling and UI Design in Thinkwise


Thinkwise Low-Code Summit 2021

Mission-critical applications require a resilient and powerful method of handling data. Join this high-level demo to see how the Thinkwise platform provides a strong foundation for storing, handling and visualizing millions of records and transactions.

In this on-demand webinar, we will guide you through:

    • Data Modelling
    • Visual modelling of huge data structures using diagrams and personal workspace.
    • UI Design for Core systems
    • How to design the UI for core systems with 100’s – 1000’s of screens
    • Performance management
    • Snapshots, memory optimization, data partitioning, indexes, and sequences
    • Screen templates
    • Sophisticated template mechanism to set-up screen design efficient and effective
    • Data management
    • System versioning, data sensitivity and data conversion
    • Subjects & Variants
    • Don’t create but differentiate to create use case specific UI

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