Develop extensive low-code
business applications for your clients.

At least 10x faster and always based on the latest technology.

As a system integrator you want to build modern solutions for your clients. Software that always uses the latest technology and will never age anymore. This can be done when you use Thinkwise!

We offer you, as a system integrator, a strategic partnership to develop business-critical software solutions for your clients. This implies customization, so they can distinguish themselves and make their dreams come true!

Using the Thinkwise Platform you will realize software that matches 100% with the processes of your clients. In addition, you increase the productivity of your developers by up to factor 10, in comparison with traditional programming.

Using the model-driven Thinkwise development-environment, you create software that will never age again. We ensure that applications will be automatically available on the latest technologies. This way you can concentrate on functional innovation and thus offer the added value your client demands.

    • Modernize legacy software
    • Automatically available on the latest technologies
    • At least 10x faster development
    • Upcycle tool to translate legacy software

Yes, I would like to know more about a partnership with Thinkwise:

“Using Thinkwise we help organizations to modernize their business-critical legacy-systems."

Albert Roosenbrand, Advanced Programs

A brief overview of the architecture of the Thinkwise Platform
3 low-code varianten
Three low-code software variants explained
A bird's-eye view of the Thinkwise Platform
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