Thinkwise Low-Code Summit 2021

The low-code market has developed quickly in recent years. Current events have put pressure on IT leaders to dramatically increase application delivery speed, even more than before. The COVID crisis has certainly demonstrated that the constant continued development of software is crucial.

Want to know how you can improve the agility of your business and adapt quickly to changing circumstances and market opportunities using a low-code platform? Discover how Thinkwise enables you to modernize large, business-critical applications, with extremely high speed of development and flexibility, during our first Low-Code Summit on 13 October 2021.

  • Time: 09:00 to 15:00 CEST
  • Location: Online
  • Admission: free of charge

Who should attend?

  • Those new to low-code and looking to learn more about enterprise low-code for mission-critical systems (what is and how to get started).
  • Business Executives: Hear directly from other business leaders on their approaches to adopting low-code for core systems from an organizational perspective. What are the strategic considerations, and challenges when starting with low-code? How is low-code transforming businesses and making new business models possible? 
  • IT Managers: discover how your organization can benefit from low-code for core systems. Tune in to hear experiences from Thinkwise customers. You’ll discover answers to questions like: what was the impact of starting to work with low-code? What are common pitfalls and what lessons were learned? 
  • Software developers: with a dedicated technology track including deep dives into the Thinkwise platform, AI and API-Management, this event is a must-attend for developers.

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What can you expect?

During this event, we will host a keynote from Forrester's senior analyst John Bratincevic, showcase projects and best practices of Thinkwise customers, perform technical deep dives making sure there is something of interest for everyone, from developer to CEO!

Several Thinkwise customers and partners will also share their experiences on how they leverage low-code as a strategic means for software development so that they can continue to grow in the long term and capitalize on their competitive advantage. Furthermore, you can get answers to your low-code development questions during the live Q&A session from guest speaker, Forrester's senior analyst John Bratincevic.

The Program

We will be hosting many different high-level introduction sessions and share best practices from Thinkwise customers. What was the impact? What lessons were learned?

Or join one of the more in-depth technical sessions for answers to questions like: what are the Best Practices when applying AI in Low-code?

Welcome & Keynote guest speaker, Forrester's senior analyst John BratincevicMainstream
Low-code for Mission Critical Core SystemsMainstream
The New Thinkwise Promise Mainstream
Short break
Lunch break
Live Q&A session featuring John Bratincevic - ForresterMainstream
Closing ThoughtsMainstream
Track A: An Introduction into the Thinkwise platform
Track B: In-depth Technical Innovation in Low-Code
Track C:Thinkwise Customer Case Studies and Discussion
Architecture, Lifecycle and Governance of Low-CodeTrack A: Break-out session
UI/UX with Low-Code: Demo of a Sample Thinkwise ApplicationTrack A: Break-out session
Combining Agile and Low-Code: the Ultimate Lean Machine?Track A: Break-out session
How to Handle Massive Amounts of Mission-Critical Data: Data Modeling and UI Design in ThinkwiseTrack A: Break-out session
Maximizing the Effectiveness of Workflow and Process modelingTrack A: Break-out session
Why, When and How should you use Code in a Low-Code EnvironmentTrack A: Break-out session
To Cloud or not to Cloud: A deep dive in Low-Code Deployment optionsTrack B: Break-out session
3 Best Practices when applying AI in Low-CodeTrack B: Break-out session
Airtight software: Low-Code security by designTrack B: Break-out session
Case Study: Uniface UpcyclerTrack B: Break-out session
Masterclass API ManagementTrack B: Break-out session
Top 5 predictions for the future of Low-CodeTrack B: Break-out session
Critical Success Factors for ISVs & Thinkwise Partner StrategyTrack C: Break-out session
Acto: How Low-Code can accelerate an ISV’s growthTrack C: Break-out session
Cito: Low-Code as a valuable tool for changeTrack C: Break-out session
Fizor: Future-proofing Heveck’s core systemTrack C: Break-out session
OV Software: Realizing a colour management systemTrack C: Break-out session
EsperantoXL: a sustainable partnership is the best kickstart for digital innovationTrack C: Break-out session
Incentro: Accelerating digital transformation through a strategic partnership with ThinkwiseTrack C: Break-out session
XENOS: focusing on change is more than software developmentTrack C: Break-out session
One to One meetingsBreak-out sessions
One to One meetingsBreak-out sessions
One to One meetingsBreak-out sessions

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Inspiring speakers 


John Bratincevic – Forrester

John Bratincevic is a Senior Analyst at Forrester Research. John's research focuses on citizen developers, low-code development platforms, and digital process automation.

Cirkerls-Tijs Latiers

Tijs Latiers - Cito

Tijs Latiers subsequently worked in various software development roles in the domains of Horticulture & Building Automation and E-commerce. For the last 5 years he has been managing six software development teams at Cito.

Cirkerls-Willem Verhoef

Willem Verhoef - Acto Informatisering

Willem Verhoef is an experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. He is a strong entrepreneurship professional with a Master focused in MBA from TSM Business School.

Rogier duin1

Rogier Duin -  Incentro

Rogier Duin is CCO at Incentro. Digital transformation is about more than just IT. Your culture is key to your success. Of course, we’ve got the IT covered. But just like you, we needed to take a critical look at our way of working. Because we know that progress isn’t possible without change.


Victor Klaren – Thinkwise Software

Victor Klaren is co-founder of Thinkwise (2002), and the company's Chief Visionary Officer. His passion is the fundamental improvement of the development and modernization of large business systems.

Cirkerls-Roel Hoeks

Roel Hoeks - EsperantoXL

Roel Hoeks is co-founder and managing partner of EsperantoXL (2002). He is passionate about helping organizations with their Digital Transformation and creating fitting innovative solutions.

Cirkerls-Lucas Harbers

Lucas Harbers – OVSoftware

Lucas Harbers has 25 years of experience in jointly realizing business objectives with IT. After working in HR and sales roles at Capgemini, he was sales and partner manager at the tech start-up ValidSign, before he continued as a business developer at OVSoftware. 


Joost Engel – fizor.

Joost Engel is co-founder and Managing Director of fizor.  With 10+ Years of experience with ERP systems, he has an excellent track record in obtaining results for customers from diverse industries such as installation, logistics and manufacturing. 

And many more

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