Forrester Wave™: Low-Code Development Platforms For AD&D Pros, Q1 2019 

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Thinkwise assessed as one of the most significant Low-Code platforms

The recent research from Forrester makes it clear—low-code platforms for application development and delivery (AD&D) pros offer new value to enterprises and sophisticated development teams. In this Q1 2019 report on low-code, Forrester evaluates 13 key vendors on 28 criteria.

According to Forrester vendors are removing barriers to adoption of low-code platforms by:

  • Providing solid features for common use cases; differentiated vendors add depth.
  • Automating governance and production management.
  • Powering projects with integral coding, as well as business expert participation.

Thinkwise's unique development approach presents AD&D pros with tools to modernize applications that manage finance, inventory, production, and other "core" business systems. Forrester defines us as a contender, with the expectation to establish our position as a leader during the next two years.


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Innovate faster than ever. Say goodbye to rigid systems, millions of lines of code, technological and functional obsolescence. Embrace new technologies such as AI, IOT, Big Data.


Independent research by QSM shows that the average number of hours required to realize a project using the Thinkwise Platform  is up to 80% lower than market average, while the quality of solutions is 2,5 to 4,5 times higher.

Perfect Fit

Realize applications that support your entire operational process perfectly. Provide a perfect fit without overhead or complexity, with solutions that make your business successful. Tailor-made to the processes that make your organization unique. 

Enterprise applications 

The Thinkwise platform is specifically designed to realize (very) large applications, both in terms of functional scope and amount of data. No application is too large or too complex, while maintaining incredible speed.