CI/CD with the Thinkwise Platform

The popularity of CI/CD is growing by the day, organizations are eager to adopt it. It has enabled many organizations to release on a more frequent basis without compromising on quality.


A step-by-step demonstration

This video demonstrates how the Thinkwise development environment provides powerful APIs for interacting with CI/CD tooling, allowing generation, testing, and deployment to be fully automated - for both cloud and on-premises environments.

mockup Platform Overview 1-1-1

What you can expect:

Thinkwise environments: A short introduction/recap on a typical DTAP set-up
Integration: Updating the application with the latest developments
Testing: Running automated tests on the development or test environment
Deployment: Releasing the application to a different environment
Delivery: Creating release packages for releasing to a different environment
Automation of the above (using Delivery as an example)

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