On demand webinar: The Low-code platform
for Independent Software Vendors

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Watch the webinar about low- code development especially for software vendors now.

In this webinar we will explain the Thinkwise concept and the current challenges for package suppliers listed below. Also, several reference cases and our license model are explained.

Why Thinkwise low-code?

    • Technologically up-to-date:
    • Thinkwise's development platform guarantees package vendors that their software solution is always technologically up-to-date; applications are always available for Windows/Web/Mobile using the latest modern GUI.
    • Deliver new functionalities super fast
    • With up to 20x faster development time, the desired functionality can be delivered at lightning speed. As a result, customers remain satisfied and the software supplier connects with new customers more quickly.
    • Customization goes along
    • An environment where the developed customization by your customers, your partners and customers of partners goes along with the new releases.
    • A response to developer shortage
    • With Thinkwise you spend 0.5 hours on a function point. With traditional programming tools 10 hours (!). The answer to developer shortage.

Watch the webinar now!

Low-code Platform

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