Research confirms the strenght 
of the Thinkwise Platform.

Download the independent QSM benchmark report now.

The Thinkwise Platform distinguishes itself through an exceptionally high development productivity, placing it at the forefront of the market for the realization and implementation of enterprise applications.

Realizing software with Thinkwise leads to faster implementations, shorter lead times, easily expandable applications and considerably lower costs.

QSM conducted qualitative research into this and compared eight Thinkwise projects with over twelve thousand validated software projects from the QSM industry database.

This resulted in, among other things, the following advantages:

    • Efforts for Thinkwise projects are 80% below the market average

    • The quality of Thinkwise projects is 2.5 to 4.5 times higher
      than the market average

    • Teams for Thinkwise projects are 85% smaller than the market average

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“Our motto, strength through collaboration, certainly also applies to our strategic software partner Thinkwise.

Thanks to our successful collaboration, we can continue to innovate successfully in the future as well." Paul Stoop - ICT Project Manager ERP, VDL Nederland

Reference case VDL


Read about the experience of industrial family company VDL regarding the modernization and expansion of their ERP software with the solution of Thinkwise.

Read the case

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