Modernization of RPG-AS/400 applications
with the Thinkwise Platform 

The IT landscape is littered with software solutions that were once modern, but are now classified as being ‘legacy’. This outdated software may continue to function without any problems for many years and that is precisely the reason why many companies keep postponing its replacement.

RPG, the subject of this document, is one of these outdated software solutions that is still in use at many companies. Usually in combination with the IBM AS/400 or iSeries servers. The programming language has its origins in the 1960s and the graphical user interface is now heavily outdated.

Moreover, RPG applications are not suitable for mobile applications and are difficult to apply in SAAS and PAAS cloud solutions. Probably the biggest problem is the growing shortage of RPG developers.

The principle of our platform is: you take care of the functionality, we take care of the technology. In this way, the platform ensures that your applications can always operate with the latest technology, are fully available on Windows, Web and Mobile and always have a modern graphical user interface.

Decisions to replace RPG are tough. The Thinkwise low-code platform offers 4 options for modernizing RPG applications.This whitepaper provides you with tools that will help you take the first step towards modernization of your RPG applications.


    • History and legacy of RPG
    • The 9 main limitations
    • 4 options to modernize RPG applications
    • Lasting benefits with software that always remains modern

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Succesvolle overstap van RPG naar het Thinkwise platform:

Successful transition from RPG to the Thinkwise Platform:

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