Modernization of Uniface applications with the Thinkwise Platform

The IT landscape is littered with software solutions that were once modern, but are now classified as being ‘legacy’. This outdated software may continue to function without any problems for many years and that is precisely the reason why many companies keep postponing its replacement.

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Uniface, the subject of this document, is one of these outdated software solutions that is still in use at many companies. Uniface was used by companies that developed software packages for their customers and by companies that developed software for internal use. At the time, the platform was ahead of its time with an integrated software development environment and proprietary programming language. Today the platform and software are outdated and there is a need to modernize.

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History and legacy of Uniface
10 reasons to modernize applications with Thinkwise
The process: Migrate Uniface with the Thinkwise Upcycler
Why would i not have the same challenges with within 10 years

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