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Why replace Uniface with Thinkwise?

Uniface is a legacy 4GL Application Development platform, developed in the 80’s. As more and more Uniface customers and partners realize that modern application development requires development and deployment in the Cloud, as well as transparent and unambiguous licensing mechanisms, they are looking for alternatives.

Thinkwise will be the driving force behind your digital transformation. It is the only modern low code platform specialized in the realization of large-scale business software. At least ten times faster than traditional software development, and able to recycle existing legacy Uniface applications.

How Thinkwise Upcycles Uniface applications:

With the Thinkwise Upcycler for Uniface you can take your existing Uniface legacy applications and all other Uniface assets and import them into the Thinkwise Software Factory. This will give you the opportunity to modernize your legacy Uniface applications and migrate them to a powerful, future proof environment.

Thinkwise is fully model-driven, as a result all Uniface application metadata such as: data tables, columns, domains, controls, references, translations, screen types, and much more, will be imported in the Thinkwise model. The Thinkwise runtime user environment(s) will interpret the Thinkwise model in real time and subsequently execute the new Thinkwise application.


The Thinkwise Software Factory can also automatically transform and import the actual data from your legacy application into your new Thinkwise application.


After that, the new application model can be enriched by analyzing the model, data, and performance through automatic testing based on 20 years of experience and best practices.

Finally, functionality that is not stored in the Uniface legacy model but is implemented in Uniface scripts, will have to be partially redeveloped in the Thinkwise Software Factory. The amount of work this will take will differ per application and depends on the amount of re-use and automation that can be applied. 

Besides the support for Uniface, the Thinkwise Upcycler also supports the modernization of more than 30 other legacy technologies including Progress, Oracle, Microsoft Access, RPG, Baan, and more.

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